MonTango - the friendliest tango school in Montreal

The Friendliest Tango School in Montreal since 2008!

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About MonTango

MonTango was founded in 2007 and we officially opened the doors of our studio in 2008. Located in N.D.G., we are the only Argentine tango school in the city's west end.

Over the years we have built a reputation for having a warm and friendly atmosphere as well as a great musical selection at our milongas, and an excellent team of instructors who are at once expert and approachable.

MonTango's Philosophy

tango dance

Argentine tango is our passion and our goal is to share that passion.

Anyone can learn to dance tango, and tango is for everyone: singles, couples, young and old.

If you can walk, you can dance. Walking is the basis of Argentine tango, and a walk around the dance floor should feel as easy and pleasurable as a stroll in the park.

If it takes two to tango, that means that connecting with a partner is the essence of the dance. If you can connect, you can enjoy, so at MonTango we focus first and foremost on establishing that connection.

Beyond the basics, there is a world of figures, musicality and improvisation to discover. We will be your guides as you explore the dance to a level you are comfortable with, while perfecting your skills and eventually developing a style all your own (MonTango).

So come take a walk with us. You just might have the time of your life!