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Juliana Maggioli

Juliana Maggioli

From Brazil, Juliana considers Buenos Aires her second home after having studied tango there for 10 years, with both contemporary and old-school "maestros." She has participated in many festivals in Argentina and Brazil in recent years, and she recently toured Europe and Asia, working with such partners as Maximiliano Cristiani and Pablo Rodriguez. Two years ago, Juliana worked with Enrique de Fazio, one of the Hermanos Macana, at the IXth Congreso de Cultura Latina in Brazil. Known for her ornaments and a specialist in women's technique workshops, Juliana has recently delved into show tango, though she still believes the milonga is where the real tango lives. Juliana is organizer of the Mucho Tango Milonga in São Paulo, Brazil.

Juliana was our guest dancer at Tanguerafest 2016, and by popular demand she is back for the 2017 edition.

She will teach 4 women's technique workshops and 4 open classes for couples during the festival, and she will also be available for private lessons, until March 24. Spaces in the women's workshops are limited.

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In the meantime, you can watch Juliana dance here: