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Guest Tango Instructors

Sandra Naccache and Jorge López

Guest teachers Sandra Naccache and Jorge López split their time between Montreal, Buenos Aires and international tours. Since 2017, they teach regularly at MonTango during their stays in Montreal.

Montango is proud to host these two high-calibre dancers. Sandra and Jorge perform and teach around the world in milongas, festivals and special events. They have worked in several dance companies and have appeared in movies and on TV as guest teachers and choreographers. Sandra and Jorge are known in Montreal for the quality of their dancing and teaching. The couple, charismatic, unique and efficient, have a wealth of knowledge and experience and take great joy and pride in sharing their passion.

Sandra and Jorge describe their teaching method as follows:
"Our mission is delivering to our students the authentic essence of tango. A complete dancer must develop strong body mechanics and awareness, coordination, technique and core strength in order to feel free to move and find harmony in the couple. With technique comes artistry and from a comprehensive understanding of movement, students can create. To help achieve that, we offer organized structured lesson plans, detailed analysis and breakdown of each pattern and movement, which allows our students to feel instant results, from beginners to advanced."

The couple will be back with us from Oct. 26-28 2018:

In advance of their intensive "Tango Express" program coming up in December, Sandra Naccache and Jorge López will perform and teach several classes at MonTango from Oct. 26 to 28.

•Friday, Oct. 26
8 p.m. Open tango class for all levels with Sandra and Jorge. 
9 p.m. Puro Tango Milonga with demonstrations by Sandra and Jorge. DJ Wolf
Class and milonga: $20 members, $25 non-members
Milonga only: $12 members, 15$ non-members

•Saturday, Oct. 27
12-1:30 p.m.
Workshop 1: Planeos. Giros adapted to incorporate planeos.
2-3:30 p.m.
Workshop 2: Ganchos and boleos in turns. Using figures conceived specifically for the dance floor, we will explore how to incorporate ganchos and boleos in turns while keeping their fluidity, continuity and circularity.
$35 per workshop or $60 for both

•Sunday, Oct. 28
1 p.m. Open milonga class with Sandra and Jorge.
2 p.m. Café Domingo Milonga with DJ Andrea.
Class and milonga: $18 members, $23 non-members
Milonga only: $10 members, $12 non-members

Pamela Ramos Aracena and Theddy Lizama

Pamela Ramos Aracena and Theddy Lizama, from Chile, have each been dancing for 14 years, having begun their training separately.

Pamela, metropolitan champion in both stage and salón tango in 2011, began doing European tours in 2010, dancing in festivals in Lyon, Lille, Montpellier and Paris, France; in San Remo, Venice, Rome and Genoa in Italy and Kehl and Strasburg, Germany.

Theddy was both Latin American tango champion and metropolitan champion in salón tango in 2010. In 2006 he joined the "Proyectango" company, with whom he performed in the best theatres in Chile.

Pamela and Theddy have been dancing together since 2013, fusing the salón, milonguero and escenario styles. Together the couple spent six months teaching at the Contratango school in Bari, Italy, and they also worked in France and Yugoslavia. In 2013 they organized the "Campeonato Nacional de Milonga" in Chile. In 2016 they were invited to Montreal to participate in the Montreal International Tango Festival. They returned the following year for the show "Te Amo Tango" at Place des Arts and to participate once more in the festival. Their stay in North America also took them to New York and Pittsburgh.

MonTango invited Pamela et Theddy to teach some classes in fall 2017 and, seeing the couple's impressive talent and generosity as teachers, is proud to welcome them back for some classes and performances in 2018.

Juliana Maggioli

Juliana Maggioli

From Brazil, Juliana considers Buenos Aires her second home after having studied tango there for 10 years, with both contemporary and old-school "maestros." She has participated in many festivals in Argentina and Brazil in recent years, and she recently toured Europe and Asia, working with such partners as Maximiliano Cristiani and Pablo Rodriguez. Two years ago, Juliana worked with Enrique de Fazio, one of the Hermanos Macana, at the IXth Congreso de Cultura Latina in Brazil. Known for her ornaments and a specialist in women's technique workshops, Juliana has recently delved into show tango, though she still believes the milonga is where the real tango lives. Juliana is organizer of the Mucho Tango Milonga in São Paulo, Brazil.

Juliana was our guest dancer at Tanguerafest 2016 and 2017 and will return once more for Tanguerafest 2018, from March 7-11! Click here for the full schedule.

Meanwhile, you can watch her dance here: