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Tanguerafest Guests

Carolina Bonaventura: teacher, performer


Carolina Bonaventura is a dancer, teacher, organizer, director, producer, choreographer, researcher, comprehensive arts trainer and competition judge. Owner of the Mariposita de San Telmo studio, she has been a worldwide tango ambassador for over 28 years.

In 2007 Carolina created Mariposita de San Telmo, a space dedicated to tango. In her school, she continues to develop her own teaching and artistic activities while teaching regular classes, specializing in technique for individuals and couples, musicality, tango salon, stage tango and professional training for dancers and teachers.

As a choreographer, she directs the Mariposita choreographic groups and expands the diffusion of tango and porteño culture in Argentina and throughout the world through a program called Efecto Mariposita. Since September 2009, she has directed the dance company Mariposita de San Telmo Cia.

Carolina has a degree in political science, which has contributed to her ability to envision the abstract concepts necessary to create her own teaching method. In 2013 she combined her vision and experience to create the Bonaventura Method®, an extensive, inclusive, flexible and dynamic way to transmit the art of tango.

By conserving the purest tango acquired through the language of the body, Carolina creates without ever losing the traditional essence of the dance. Through searching and constant adaptation, she has incorporated elements from other disciplines that complement her interpretive capacity. Precision, perception and broad technical mastery have allowed her to achieve a fine musical appreciation that focuses on innovation while always respecting and maintaining the true spirit of tango.

See Carolina dance here:

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Berenice Gonsen: DJ


Berenice Gonsen
Toronto, ON

Since 2007, Berenice has been inspiring dancers at milongas in Toronto and beyond. A long-time fan of tango music, her vast knowledge, intuitive approach, and careful selections combine to create unforgettable dance experiences that keep her in high demand. DJ Bere is also a highly accomplished tango dancer who understands her audience; she is able to read a floor and keep it moving. Considered one of the best DJs in Canada, she is in constant demand at both new and established milongas in Toronto & Montreal and has acted as house DJ for various local milongas. She has also DJed at high-profile tango events, including the Toronto Tango Festival and Toronto Tango Experience.

Berenice will DJ the Saturday night Tanguerafest Ball.

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Corinne "Coco" Krikorian: DJ


Corinne Krikorian
Montreal, QC

Corinne has been teaching tango since 2009 and began DJing regularly when she joined the MonTango team in 2017. She had the privilege of being mentored by world-renowned DJ Michel Auzat, who was also a friend and partner in organizing tango events in Montreal. His guidance and the knowledge he shared with her not only equipped her to take on this challenge, but inspired her to continue to grow as a DJ with the sole goal of creating a musically balanced evening filled with favourites and always a touch of something new!

Corinne will DJ the Friday night milonga.

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Andrea Shepherd: organizer, teacher, DJ


Andrea Shepherd
Montreal, QC

Andrea co-owns and runs the MonTango dance school in Montreal. She has been dancing tango for 25 years, teaching for more than 20 and DJing for 15. After years of marking International Women's Day every March in small ways, she created Tanguerafest, a unique festival dedicated to celebrating the women of tango, in 2016.

When Andrea and her partner, Wolf, opened their school in 2008, they launched a weekly Sunday afternoon milonga, which is DJed by Andrea and continues to this day. It is one of their most popular activities, thanks in large part to Andrea's creative and always danceable musical selections. She has also become known for her monthly Milonga Alternativa, which boasts a modern and outside-the-box musical repertoire without ever giving up the traditional format and feel of tango. In addition to milongas in and around Montreal, Andrea has DJed in cities such as Halifax, NS, and Lima, Peru, and in 2016 she won first place in a local DJ competition held at Tango Social Club.

Andrea, a certified yoga instructor since 2017, will teach the Saturday yoga class and will DJ the Thursday night práctilonga and Sunday afternoon milonga.

Andrea is author of the book 25 Tango Lessons. Click here to find out more

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